Morrisdansgroep Helmond was active from 1935 to 2021. There is no picture material from the earliest years. This page contains a selection of more recent material.

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Every September Helmond Morris Men dance at Weldam Castle Fancy Fair for the Anglican Church Twente. In recent years they have been joined by Utrecht Morris Team.

Bobbing Around (Bampton) – film


Morris Ring Meeting 2018 photos
Film of the Morris Ring Meeting 2018
Annual visit to Weldam with Utrecht, September 2018 (slide show)


King’s Birthday in Helmond (slide show)


The last time a full team visited England (slide show)
The team had the honour of dancing at the Offertory during the service (film)
Dancing outside the church after the service (film)
Dancing in Utrecht on Brexit Referendum Day (slide show)


Helmond Morris Men’s 80th anniversary and the 344th meeting of the Morris Ring

Ring Meeting pictures (slide show)
Manchester Morris Men dancing Abram Circle at the site of the old playhouse (film by Mr Mollemans)
Helmond Morris Men dancing Black Joke (Bledington) at site of old playhouse (film by Mr Mollemans)
Benfieldside dancing Bluebells of Scotland at the Helmond Castle (film by Mr Mollemans)
5 September 2015 Weldam Fancy Fair (slide show)


King’s Day, 26 April 2014 in Helmond (slide show)
Trip to Rye (Sussex) for weekend organised by East Surrey MM in May 2014, photos by Joseph Gruyters and Antony Heywood (slide show)
Massed dance, Helmond in the middle (film)
Bonny Green Garters, Helmond in the foreground (film)
Summer Fête near Mons (B) 14 June 2014 (slide show)


The last Queen’s Day (30 April 2013). The new king was inaugurated and in future it would be called the King’s Day and be held on 26 April. (slide show)
We flew to Copenhagen for a splendid weekend (slide show)
Short film of the Sunday morning procession

Annual visit to the English Fair at Kasteel Weldam (slide show)

Black Joke, Bledington at Kasteel Weldam (film)
The Squire’s Jig at Kasteel Weldam (film)